We are Love struck Media.

About LSM

Our team has a passion for creative E-business and technological developments that ensures we bring best practice, standards and enterprising solutions to the market with every project. We are focused and committed to running a successful business that contributes positively to the wider community.

LSM caters for a large client base providing a full range of solutions in E-business, E-commerce, Design, on-line promotion, SEO and internet marketing. Our clients range from small independent businesses to large corporate companies, and include representatives from the entertainment, retail, social and charity sectors, both across the US, Canada and overseas.

At LSM we love what we do, we are very good at it and we make every one of our clients more successful.

How we can help you

LSM brings the most recent development in technology, best practice, standards and enterprising solutions to the market.

This is essential for new and existing businesses. New customers to the web can expect the best service available and will benefit by using the leading edge solutions.

Existing businesses on the Web will benefit from the latest standards and practices essential to ensure maximum penetration and usability for a wider population. As rapid are the developments in technology the greater the need to upgrade or rejuvenate the web sites once seen as pioneers. A web page developed 5 years ago will not meet current best practice and will lack features that are now standard. This represents lost opportunity whatever the business or organisation.

End results

LSM is built on a foundation of web standards-valid, structured code to produce pages that will look great on modern browsers yet still functional and usable on older ones. Utilising web standards leads to real results:

  • Decreased bandwidth and server space
  • Improved accessibility to all browsers and devices (including those with disabilities)
  • Increased separation of presentation layer code from content
  • Simplified updating of look and feel
  • Faster page loading
  • Lower costs